Give Yourself A Shot To Get Hard Again

Don’t be so hard on yourself. Do not have any fear either. You’re not about to be perceived as being a rather limp-wristed fellow.

This may surprise you. The truth of the matter is that your missus will really understand. You have no idea. It’s one of the great features of being a woman. She has buckets of patience in you. But please guys, don’t now go and make a habit of it.

priapus shot

After you’ve allowed yourself to be given that magic priapus shot, you have a great shot at making amends. Quite literally, turn your life upside down. All in a positive sense, of course. Don’t worry, it’s not going to be all that hard to start exercising just a tad of temperance. And you really don’t need to do all that much to start making her head spin.

In bed. Or on the couch. Or, who knows, in the shower or across the kitchen counter. Yes, why not guys. How about that for a lift. Start rooting at your imagination. Yes, you’re allowed to do that too. You give him a tug every now and then. And they say that this is actually quite a good thing. Call it penis exercise then. Because by the time, well, the time comes, you guys are ready for action. Not that you’ll need to pull the lad.

The shot’s already taken care of that. The moment you start thinking of her in that way, well, hello there, what have we here?! The thing is, the Priapus shot really does work. But it’s not going to be an everlasting remedy if you’re going to be going back to your old habits. Like hardcore drinking, two packs a day, loads of junk and late nights out with the boys.