How to Minimize Radiology Fears

Radiology is a pretty simple procedure that the doctor orders to get a closer look at a specific area of the body. There are many types of radiology used today. The MRI is one such type. The MRI is used by thousands of radiology edison nj patients every single year, but many of them find it a scary experience. If you have an MRI appointment and are filled with fear, use the tips below to help them subside and get the most out of your visit.

Arrive Early

Arrive at the office at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment time, or even earlier if you prefer the extra time. When you arrive early it gives you time to relax and check out the space and your surroundings so you can relax a bit.

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Relax & Breath

Don’t get yourself overworked when there is no reason. Breathe and go with the flow to keep this visit simple and beneficial to your best health. If you become overwhelmed it only worsens the situation.

Guided Imagery

Many patients who need an MRI use guided imagery to help overcome their fears of the machine and the test. Perhaps this is a technique that will help you relax enough to perform the procedure properly. Talk to your doctor if this is something that interests you to minimize your worries and fears.


Some facilities offer medications for patients who are extremely anxious about the upcoming visit. This option is not always available, but can help considerably in many situations.

Bring a Book

Who doesn’t love a good book? If you have an MRI, bring in a magazine or a book of your choice to look over and read during the procedure. It will take your mind off of the medical procedure at hand.